Working at the inter-section of AI and Healthcare

At DataThinker AI, we are building a product at the intersection of AI and the Healthcare industry as we believe that AI has a tremendous power to solve untapped problems in Healthcare areas such as Dentistry.

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Think-ML IS the core of all our activities at DataThinker. Think-ML is responsible of managing datasets for machine learning models to deliver business solutions to our clients real time.


Provide products and services to your customers with Think-ML.


Think-Analytics is a flagship platform from to do business analytics from historical data to make decisions that matters to your business growth and revenue.


Have a tech team? Use our APIs from Think-Integrate to integrate Think-ML's capabilities into your systems programmatically to stream data real-time to your platforms.

How our scalable technology can easily fit into your business

On-boarding your data, cleaning those large datasets, applying machine learning algorithms and predictiong your next business actions - everything is automated and 100% under your enterprise control.

an ahead by day, week, or month, and see project status at a glance. Search and filter to focus in on anything form a single project an ahead by day, week, or month.

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Our Expertise

Data-Prep, Train, Build Model, Predict!

ML Algorithm Design

We design and develop custom machine learning algorithms for your tailored requirements.

Predictive Analytics

Drive predictions with AI and take Actions based on pre-built and custom ML models.

Recommendation Systems

Add the power of ML to your product/service with our recommendation engine at scale.

Conversational User Interface

Get your AI powered chatbot delivered for marketing, healthcare, customer support or for any vertical.

Visual Intelligence

We develop custom solutions for video and audio analysis at scale to get real-time insight from your hundreds of GB of visual content.

Natural Language Processing

Take use of our NLP apis to implement sentiment analysis, PPOS, NER, topic detection and what not.

Case Studies

See how we helped companies to scale with our Data and Machine Learning expertise! | The future of sports content consumption., an next-generation sports engagement platform over voice on Amazon Alexa eco-system processes millions of sports content from NFL (National Football League) and deliveres through's content engine. played a very critical role in the development of's sports platform very fast and scalable to cater the real-time on demand sports content in audio format.


CrispRead | The informative and news content for individual and business teams.

CrispRead provides An hassle free, fast and intelligent way to discover the curated trending content on the internet based on your interest with instant summaries of the articles.

The thousands of daily articles, news and content curated, analyzed and delivered through Also, content recommendation, summary prepartion, user-releavant content was also powered by's intelligent content engine.

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AI Lab

Place where ML product development and research happens!


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